Tapati (tapati) wrote,

What is it with pagan forums?

I remember the flap when some of us found out that a U.S. pagan forum which shall remain nameless was nattering about what members wrote about it on their blogs and journals, and allowing it to affect their moderating on the forum. Free speech anyone?

A friend of mine began recently to complain about a forum so anonymously I never guessed its name or how to find it through a search. A couple of mods commented on her posts defensively, which I thought was a little creepy. One of them basically sounded like she was moderating my friend's blog! Um...not your turf, lady!

My friend was just banned. The letter she got specifically cited the way she had talked about the forum for the past 6 weeks, which only took place on her blog and even then without identifying information. Wow. Thin skins?

From the sound of it I think it's their loss but still!

So, my fellow pagans, here is a forum to avoid if you value free speech and want to avoid fluff bunnies by the dozens to boot: http://thevalley.ukpagan.com/

Until now none of us knew the url unless we were actual members, but their final act inspired my friend to at least name them. I looked up the url myself.
Tags: forum, freedom, pagan, religion

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