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Bottling SARK's Essence

I have been reading SARK's books since the early 90s and I cannot tell you how many ways they've enriched my life and inspired me. SARK, or Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, is like the original free spirit sent to liberate us from our preconceptions and self-limiting stories and jump start our creativity and joy. Her own personal story is remarkable. She's lived with millionaires and then decided to live without money for many years, bartering for her basic needs. Then she started her own business and after an initial failure (lots of products selling, lots of money going back out) she reorganized and became wildly successful. Along the way she's lived out more adventures than many of us are likely to have and learned valuable lessons that she passes on to us. No stranger to hardship and tragedy, she nevertheless manages to keep her joyful spirit intact. In addition to her many books and counseling (or couching) business, she has begun to offer e-programs, multimedia extravaganzas that include colorful .pdf books as well as audio recordings and conference phone calls. You may know SARK from her colorful posters and once you've seen one you'll quickly recognize her style when you see it.

Here are some programs that I am shamelessly promoting and in fact I do get a percentage of sales on. (15%) Now I'm not known for selling things here. I will make an exception for SARK, not because I need money--who doesn't--but because her programs are so good and I know so many people will benefit. In order to sell a product I really have to believe in it so let me tell you, these are the ideal products for me to sell.

Here is one way to get your feet wet in SARKness!


This one below, The Transformation Experience, I participated in and I have to say it was awesome! The good thing about an e-program is that you still have all the materials--booklets and audio links--to refer back to again and again, whenever you need a boost. If you become a regular e-program customer you get discounts on the next one. Be sure to sign up for SARK's e-newsletter because you get discounts sometimes through that. For those of us who can't always attend workshops directly, e-programs are an affordable alternative. Click on the link below.

The Transformation Experience

"SARK's Transformation Exper!ence is a life-changing multimedia journey of healing and transformation for the splendidly imperfect!"

Another excellent program:

Juicy Journaling

Check out all of SARK's e-programs:

SARK's E-Programs
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