Tapati (tapati) wrote,

My Body, My Choice

This of course is the slogan of our right to choose abortion or not, according to our own beliefs and needs.

I think I startled a good friend a couple of weeks ago when the conversation turned to abortion and I indicated that I wouldn't ever have been comfortable having one. Knowing me to be ardently pro-choice, she was taken aback. I mentioned that I would choose adoption and she said well, that's painful too. Sure, it is, but my pain wasn't the criteria in what I would choose to do.

But that's just the thing--I have a choice. So far, anyway, I neither live in a society that would force me to have a child or force me to get an abortion because I already have "enough" children. My beliefs about the soul would influence my decision if I still had a uterus and found myself pregnant. (These days my heart disease would also be a strong influence, pitting my life against that of the baby. Possibly I would choose differently in that circumstance.)

However, whether it's about abortion or meat-eating, I absolutely do not feel that I can or should tell other people what to do or legislate my personal spiritual beliefs.

Today is the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. While we still technically have the right to choose, that right has been eroded by lack of access and funding in many states. When the doctors who are willing to help women exercise their right to choose are murdered and harassed and threatened, how much of a choice do we really have left?

Across the feminist blogosphere we are remembering Dr. George Tiller today.

And no one says it better than AngryBlackBitch!: Blog for Choice – Not a plea or a request, but a demand…
Tags: abortion, choice, feminism, health, spirituality, women

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