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19 January 2010 @ 04:03 pm
Avatar or there are no new stories to tell  
I knew Avatar reminded me of something (on imdb):


The fairy people of FernGully have never seen humans before, but when Christa sees one, Zak, she accidentally shrinks him down to her size. But there is trouble in FernGully, for Zak is part of a logging team who is there to cut down the forest. Written by Brian W Martz {B.Martz@Genie.com}

Ferngully is a rain-forest, it is home to a race of fairies who have never seen humans and believe Humans don't exist and only exists in stories. That is until the arrival of Batty, a wacky bat who tells the Fairies that he has seen the Humans. Curious, when she sees smoke from Mount Warning, a fairy named Crysta travels beyond Ferngully and discovers a group of humans is destroying the rain-forest. Crysta discovers a human named Zak who is helping destroy the rain-forest and accidentally shrinks him. Once discovering the beauty of Ferngully, Zak and Crysta learn the Fairies and Ferngully itself are in mortal danger, when the humans free Hexxus, a evil oil-like creature who along time ago was turned into a tree when he tried to unleash chaos in Ferngully and has taken over "The Leveler" a logging machine as he begins his evil scheme to destroy Ferngully and only Zak, Crysta, Batty, Pips and The Beetle Boys can defeat Hexxus and save Ferngully from destruction. Written by Daniel Williamson

Or maybe this:

rainbowbabiesrainbowbabies on January 20th, 2010 04:00 am (UTC)
OMG...you are right! it reminded me of Dances with Wolves. The outsider comes and saves the people.
Tapatitapati on January 20th, 2010 07:27 am (UTC)
Re: LoL
That too!