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Rituals and Traditions In Flux

I was responding today to a young woman who grew up in a Quiverfull family. She was bemoaning the state of her divorced family with her younger siblings visiting their dad (her stepdad who was highly critical of her all of her life) and how alone she was at Christmas. This brought to mind a book about family and solo rituals and traditions that I used heavily when my children were still at home. We went through a lot of changes, from married to single-parent household, from Hare Krishna to pagan, and so on.

Here is what I posted on the forum:

As a young mom I bought this book years ago (still available used) called Rituals For Our Times by Evan Imber-Black and Janine Roberts. The subtitle is Celebrating, Healing and Changing Our Lives and Our Relationships. I can't recommend this book enough for people blending traditions from families or going through changes in their lives. I've read it many times and used the very sensible advice to create or change my own family traditions over the years. It's enabled me to be flexible and really think about the meaning and purpose behind the rituals. The examples in the book are very relevant to our multi-cultural society. There are even some good rituals for those who are divorced or blending new families together and advice on how to handle a death in the family as it affects gatherings.

I cannot recommend this book enough. These authors really thought of everything.

For a witchy book on rituals (that includes life transitions as well) you might check out Dancing Up the Moon: A Woman's Guide to Creating Traditions That Bring Sacredness to Daily Life by Robin Heerens Lysne.

I wrote the following review on Amazon:

This book gave me lots of ideas for creating personal rituals as well as rituals for family and friends. Lysne gives many examples of rituals for passages that our culture doesn't have a ritual for, guidance on how to create rituals, examples of ritual elements, and so on. I've referred to it many times over the years and loaned it out to people going through experiences that they wished to create a ritual for. I've never seen another book cover ritual for miscarriage and abortion or help couples ending their relationship celebrate the positive aspects even as they sever the ties that bound them. Ritual plays a vital role in our lives and to be given the tools to shape rituals that meet our needs is an incredible gift. I will be forever grateful to Ms. Lysne for writing this guide.
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