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Happy Summer Solstice!

I am enjoying the longest day of the year, although it is bittersweet. I know the long slide begins to the shortest day of the year, and that summer, just started, is really winding down from this point. Being a seasonal depressive I am in tune with the light and dark times of the year. Right now I am at my high point in mood, with ideas and energy and enthusiasm all peaking. 6 months from now I will be at my lowest point, hunkered down to survive winter and turned inward, reading and storing up thoughts of things I can do in the summer.

This summer has gone well for me, I've been getting more and more energy from acupuncture, the severity of my headaches lessened enough that I could get things done (though not their frequency, alas). I have been able to improve on my container garden and do more of the things I enjoy doing. Fortunately for Dave I've been able to do more housework as well.

My eye doctor finally caught up with me and said everything was just fine with the test. I didn't feel like I was doing well at all but she says it's a hard test and everyone feels that way. Good to know. Big sigh of relief. :)

I will do ritual tonight to observe the Solstice and I have some people to light candles for, one working to survive cancer, one about to die of cancer. One healing, one positive crossing...

I hope everyone is having a blissful solstice and great summer.

Blessed be--

Tags: health, solstice

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