Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Getting Beaten By Your Husband...Pre-existing condition?

I think insurance company exec jokes will soon replace lawyer jokes in popularity. Apparently, in some states it's OK to deny coverage to a woman who is beaten by her husband (or a man beaten by his wife) because domestic violence is seen as a "pre-existing condition." I'd like to say April Fools or something but you can't make this shit up!

I wonder how long it is considered a "pre-existing condition." If you divorce the guy but he comes and beats you up again, will they pay for your hospital care then? What about the PTSD you suffer even after you leave? Can you get therapy? What kind of inhuman people want to prevent a battered woman from getting medical care, anyway? The federal government can't do a worse job of administering health care than the states and insurance companies are already doing!
Tags: abuse, domestic violence, insurance, sexism, women

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