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FREE Teleconference Seminar: The Women Masters

Starts tomorrow, September 17th, register FOR FREE at this page.

SARK is one of the women who will be participating in the seminar. The page above gives a full list at the bottom. Men are welcome also.

From the website:

Dear Friend,

ARE YOU READY TO GET INSPIRED, BE UPLIFTED, AND LEARN FROM THE BEST? Join us for the series that has been universally acclaimed as “inspiring,” “thought- provoking,” “empowering,” and “uplifting.”

My name is Amy Ahlers, aka “The Wake-Up Call Coach,” and I am deeply honored to be able to connect people like YOU with our most prominent and powerful women leaders. My vision is to inspire, energize, and motivate you so that you can feel more joy, more connection, and more purpose in your life - despite the challenges you might be facing. Please join us for this FREE Ten Call Tele-Series and get inspired! Consider this series a STIMULUS PACKAGE FOR YOUR SPIRIT!

Since it's free, how can you lose? Sign up today!
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