Tapati (tapati) wrote,

How I Survived

Often people ask me, especially after reading or hearing stories about my past, how I made it through all of that.

Over the years I have been blessed by various people who helped, as well as good books to help me endure. Many of these were good science fiction or fantasy books. If my outward reality was unpleasant or even dire, I could retreat into a good book. For example, Lord of the Rings got me through being semi-homeless in a laundry room while pregnant.

Other books helped me learn more about emotional health, how to grieve, how to recover from abuse or depression, or simply inspired me.

On my forum for ex-Hare Krishna devotees I compiled a list of those books.

Other forum members added their own titles as well. Lots of good stuff there!

Let me know if any of it was helpful to you.
Tags: book, depression, mental health, reading

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