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ETA 2018 (birthday): NLQ moved from site to site a few times and currently does not have links to my posts for them although the initial page for my stories still exists. Links are not active, though. I have revised some NLQ entries and put them on a Wordpress page of mine. I am going through and putting those links in place of the old NLQ links on this guide.

ETA 2012: Asked today where to start reading, good point since I have added to this entry organically. Anyone wanting a linear experience I would advise to start with the No Longer Quivering entries ( http://nolongerquivering.com/stories/tapati/ )where I syndicated my story and polished it up a bit. I haven't caught up on NLQ to where I am in the story here, so from that point skip on down this entry to Childbirth Led to More Violence (with some overlap) and continue on down through the Homeless Odyssey to What Is And Should Never Be. I have taken quite a break (this material is pretty heavy to write for obvious reasons and I spent some time dealing with serious chronic pain in 2010 and early 2011, leaving me a little shell-shocked) and I'm just getting back to it now (Mar 2012).

For those of you who are following the link from No Longer Quivering and are curious about other biographical entries, here they are, although I'm not putting all my memoir writing online for obvious reasons.

Added August 2010: Of Truth And Lies

Notes From The Earthquake Zone: The Loma Prieta Quake

Secondary Effects of the Earthquake

What Is And Should Never Be

Smiling Faces

Nov 2010: Kung Fu Fighting

Pre-Hare Krishna involvement:

Scents From My Childhood

(I have more of the above offline.)

Guest blog posts for No Longer Quivering:

Patriarchy Across cultures Scroll down a bit to find the full list.

The NLQ series overlaps some of the rough drafts I've linked to below. There are also a few posts that cover the time before I met Mahasraya. Here are some:

Living In The Material World (revised wordpress link)

Summer of Transcendental Love (revised wordpress link)

All Things Must Pass (revised wordpress link)

Over The Rainbow (revised wordpress link)

Now there's some crossover with what I've written below. The version for NLQ is a bit more polished and of course is slanted for the audience, meaning there is more emphasis on the movement and on the position of women than I had intended to include. It played a role but I didn't want it to take center stage. These also have pictures, unlike most of my LJ posts.

Magic Man (revised Wordpress link)

I Never Loved A Man (revised Wordpress link)

I Will Lay Me Down

What It's Like To Sing The Blues

When The Levee Breaks

Hard Day's Night

Family Affair

Cat's In The Cradle (revised Wordpress link)

Smiling Faces (Revised Wordpress link)

formerly Kung Fu Fighting, re-titled Enter The Dragon (revised Wordpress link, formerly NLQ)

Meeting and marrying Mahasraya (contains some details left out of the NLQ version):


Falling In Love

Pregnant In a Laundry Room

I backtrack a bit and explain our initiation, on NLQ:

A Lifetime Commitment: Initiation

For my Wordpress entries I incorporated our initiation into the story of living on Watseka Avenue in the Spanish apartment building, hearing about Mom's heart surgery and wanting to have a baby: https://tapati.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/birth-death-old-age-and-disease/

Some of the material below I am just now getting to on NLQ, some I haven't posted there yet, especially the homeless odyssey portion of the story. (As of 8-2010)

Childbirth Led To More Violence

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I Can't Live Without You!


The Odyssey Part 1

The Odyssey Part 2

Adventures In Cultivation:Odyssey Part 2 interlude

Odyssey Part 3

Two Days In The Life, Odyssey Part 3 interlude

After The Odyssey

NEW as of Aug 2010: What Is And Should Never Be

Friends Locked: From the Other Woman (letter)

Mother of Mercy (stand alone piece)

These next two were some of the earliest writings I did regarding my abusive marriage and I reprinted them in my online magazine, Uppity Women. I just want to add that Maxine, mentioned in the second piece, passed away in 2001 and she is sorely missed.

Why Don't You Just Leave That Jerk? (essay published in 1994 La Gazette in Santa Cruz)

So You Left The Jerk. Now What? (follow up essay also published 1994)

Other biographical entries (just to help me keep track):

Joy In Unlikely Places: My son's head injury

Spanish Guy (Just before I got together with Mahasraya)

Comfort From Above (also connected to son's head injury)

I'm Alive (2001 heart surgery from paper diary)

Trials of the Heart (Salon piece)

Almost: Meeting Dave (my current husband)

Appointment With Death

Letter From A Christian

Bonnie and Virginia (my mom and her sister)

Stand alone posts at NLQ:

From Generation to Generation

Vegetarian For God

No Turning Back

I Have Won (A poem)

Connecting The Dots: Patriarchy Across Cultures A comparison of life in the Hare Krishna movement with other authoritarian, patriarchal religious movements such as Quiverfull and FLDS. It also summarizes my time with ISKCON and my first marriage.

More Wordpress entries (revisions of the NLQ version of my story, in some I'm dropping the use of song titles for chapters)


Countdown to 60 entries in 2018:

Intro: https://tapati.livejournal.com/791041.html
1958-1968: https://tapati.livejournal.com/791397.html
68-78 Part I: https://tapati.livejournal.com/791621.html
68-78 Part II: https://tapati.livejournal.com/792055.html

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