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Surviving Poverty Project

The comments for this section is being referenced on another web site to contribute recipes for the Surviving Poverty Project, a group of web pages I am working on to help people both survive and escape poverty. These days I am thinking it is also a resource for the newly poor or temporarily downsized and broke.

Poverty cooking is an art, and some of us learned it from our resourceful Moms. For those who did not grow up poor, however, it can be a tough learning curve. I also think even the most skillful poverty cook can always use fresh ideas from others.

I recently started a thread on a large forum I'm involved with soliciting recipes and out flowed an amazing collection of ideas and recipes for low budget yet nutritious and good food.

If you have a recipe you are willing to share, please enter it in the comments field for this entry and indicate how you want it to be attributed on my web site (http://www.labyris.com/spprecipes.html). If you prefer to be anonymous, that's fine too. Even if you don't have full blown recipes, simply describe what you do and most cooks can get the idea and personalize it.

I appreciate your assistance.
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