Tapati (tapati) wrote,

How long do we have to endure this asshole?

http://www.backwardsbush.com/ says 1234 more days.

I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in a new, Democratic presidency.

That seven minutes Bush waited in 2001? Starting to look like rapid response right about now.


Can the government please admit that global warming is maybe a tiny bit of a problem now that the warmer gulf waters spawned a category 5 hurricane that gobbled New Orleans? Global Warming didn't make the hurricane--it just made it really, really mad.

Salon, as usual, is providing excellent coverage including Mayor Nagin's impassioned demand for help from a clueless federal government. Will the South still vote Republican after watching the incompetence of their heroes?

I know I'm supposed to watch my blood pressure, but I am getting so angry at Bush and company who have failed to respond in time to this disaster because they sent all of our resources to Iraq that I am yeling at my TV, yelling the things our spineless Democratic leaders are too afraid to say.

Last year I watched a program while I was in Chicago all about New Orleans and how vulnerable it would be in a major hurricane. It pretty much laid out what just happened, from the fact that they wouldn't be able to evacuate in time through the one major artery available, that the levies would give, that water would engulf the city, and that rescue efforts afterward would be hampered by (again) that one artery into the city and the conditions of flooding, disease, heat, and lack of resources. The experts had a plan to make it able to withstand a major hurricane but said it might take several years to get to that point. With hurricanes last year being numerous and intense, I remember a shiver of fear went down my spine on New Orleans' behalf, and the sense that they wouldn't get the time to be really ready. To add insult to injury, funds to work on the project were cut by the federal government. The hurricane also revealed American poverty to a world that thought we had none. Most of the people left in New Orleans were simply too poor to own a car or afford the gas to leave, or too disabled to do so. Now the world gets to watch how we continue to fail our poor people in a crisis. Yes our government is racist, but it's also classist. Our government would rescue middle class black people long before they stir themselves to rescue a poor black family.

It appears that what Republicans are all about is making money for rich people while pandering to fundamentalist Christian's social control agenda. If we let them back into the White House again the damage is on us.

We need to continue holding them accountable for the handling of this disaster and the lack of preparation for it. No matter what they do now, while the world has its eyes on them, doesn't make up for their utter failure to prevent the hundreds or thousands of deaths after the storm ended.

Finally, as Bill Maher pointed out, journalists seem to have woken up and decided that they are not satisfied with the non-answers they get from this administration. May they continue to focus attention on the Emperor's clothes.
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