Tapati (tapati) wrote,

SARK Juicy Journaling Day 1

Part One

Create a fast list of your favorite gorgeous moments -- such as the smell of clothes dried in the sun. List 2 to 25 gorgeous moments in a column, as quickly as you think of them.


strolling through the redwoods, smelling the wood, the earthy smells, and feeling the breeze whip through, imagining it is a magical forest out of Tolkien

diving off a diving board for the first time, feeling like I'm in flight, then the cool plunge into the water, my element, enfolding my body lovingly like a mother as I move with ease to the bottom of the pool and back to the surface (courtesy of the Fat Acceptance Movement, which told me I could)

seeing my first baby after many difficult hours of labor, relaxing with him beside me and basking in the accomplishment of bringing this tiny new being into the world

savoring a good cup of tea while reading an equally good book, especially on a cold or rainy day, feeling snug and secure, at peace

watching friends and family savor an especially good meal I've created from scratch, happy that I have brought this shared enjoyment to them, having cooked with love in every dish

exploring my native woods in Iowa as a child, something only done in Spring before the brush grew too wild and thick, examining every tree, log, stream, and leaf with great fascination, relishing the time alone with my plant friends

exploring the farm and spending time with my animal siblings, seeing no separation between myself and them

going to the street fair and riding the rides, getting cotton candy, just being a kid

working in my garden, planting the first plants of spring and anticipating their growth

sitting on my patio and enjoying the flowers and vegetables all around me

following grandpa around on the farm, watching him repair things, dig new post holes, bale hay, riding on the tractor, seeing grandpa make things with wood, thinking someday I'll do that

playing cards with grandma, watching her make noodles and pies and bread, amazed at how easy she made it all look

seeing my second baby and knowing that she is a girl after fearing I'd have two boys and no girls, lying beside her and gazing lovingly, wondering who this little person will grow up to be

marrying Dave, with a small, sweet wedding my friends and Dave's family helped pay for, everything just right and using words that reflected who we are as people

realizing that my son was coming out of his coma and knew who he was, that there was hope, it was like he was born a second time, a moment of pure joy

singing and dancing in kirtan, especially for mangala arotik

serving Tulasi Devi, singing to Her

praying, feeling that connection with Someone, whether God/dess or a Higher Self.

starting to wake up after heart surgery and seeing Dave's face, being told I am doing well

my mom, stroking my hair to keep me quiet in church, forever making me respond to a touch on my hair by becoming drowsy and content

creating my altar or rearranging it, choosing which images remind me best of my connection to the Divine

discovering Kuan Yin's stories and appreciating Her mercy for women who are abused or in need.

watching my children grow in mind as well as body, and become creative with their stories and art, learning about the world and themselves, what a privilege to watch this.

becoming absorbed in a piece of writing, losing track of time, then "waking up" to find a finished piece of work, just waiting for revision

creating a new recipe for the first time, or re-creating a family recipe that was lost so that my grandchildren can enjoy it

connecting others with resources they want or need

a good hug

spending time with Dave, doing whatever, just being together

any moment spent in nature

watching a powerful Midwestern thunder storm, complete with lightning and house-shaking claps of thunder, electricity in the air, a wonderful scent filling the house from a slightly open window, all from the relative safety of my home (mom having told me thunder was the sound of God talking, many years ago)

doing healing magic for someone in need

offering comfort

working out in the pool with the foam dumbells, feeling my arms grow more and more powerful, enjoying the sensuous nature of water flowing against skin

reading, reading, reading, especially in bed

will continue later
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