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Kate Harding reviews Drop Dead Diva and More To Love

Look At The Fat Girl is a review of two shows representing fat women by blogger and author Kate Harding.

I love how she addresses the fact that every segment of the audience will watch for their own reasons, whether to hope for fat acceptance and positive representation or to jeer at fat women. So true.

ETA: For anyone who doubts that many people jeer at fat people, see the letters section in response to this article.

Though I am amused by the idiot who rants about "denyal." Too bad there isn't a foolproof diet to increase "maotsetung's" IQ.

I was quite touched by this letter:

Fat acceptance is not a joke

Two of my closest friends--who are both beautiful, smart, funny, cool women-- are severely obese, and they struggle daily with it, and I often listen to them weeping about how they wish things could change for them--granted, much of that change has to come from within themselves and they know it. (One of them is married by the way, so it's not all about attracting a mate either.) They just feel powerless a lot of the time. One of them just had a lap-band put in.

Just to illustrate how desperate they are to be thin, both of my friends have said many, many times, that they would trade places with me in a heartbeat. Why? Because I am thin. I am also visibly physically disabled. They have actually, literally said that they would trade their limbs to be thin, I'm not kidding. Even when I've thought about it, I definitely wouldn't want to trade my body for theirs. We all get stared at sometimes, but they assert it's worse for fat women, and you know what? I actually think they're right. That's how judgmental our society is against fat people.
-- not_rebecca
Tags: body image, fat acceptance, fat phobia, looksism, sexism, size acceptance, women

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