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An Amazing Family: Surfwise

Dave and I watched Surfwise last night...wow, just wow. Lots of food for thought. Amazing family despite the lifestyle. Good discussion of how difficult re-entry into society was.

Some of the boys were quite musically talented and have recording careers. I'll have to look up their music now.

Most of the kids lamented their lack of education. No real attempt was even made to home school, which would have enabled them to go to college if done well. Since "Doc" made so much of being a Stanford graduate, he was qualified to teach if he had chosen to. I guess that would have cut into his surfing time and his view of himself as being like the animals. (rolls eyes) I saw many parallels to my first husband in this film. The back to nature bit, the fanatical food bit, the avoidance of conventional medicine (unless severe injury happens), the rigidity of thinking and the need to be in control were all there. Occasionally he had a valid point to make in the film--but the implementation of his ideas left much to be desired.

My one quibble with the film was that some issues could have been explored in more depth and some questions I would have asked were not asked. Although Juliette, the mom, says briefly that she was pregnant and nursing for ten years and has mostly blocked that out, I would have liked to have drawn her out more about what HER typical days were like. Also, how DID they feed the family before they got the idea later for their surfing camps? How did they come up with gas money? They were surfing all day every day, where did it come from? Although "Doc" or Dorian talks obliquely about his violence (you have to master yourself before you try to master your children or some such quote), I'd like to explore where it came from and how he thinks about it today. Also, if he's so devoted to the lifestyle and being animal-like, why is he now living in a condo in Hawaii rather than in a camper? If it was good enough for his children and wife, it should still be good enough for him.

The daughter, Navah, is truly awesome. "I'm not one of the brothers. I don't have a penis." LOL

I was left thinking, anyone can drop out of society. It takes more guts to stay in and try to change it.
Tags: culture, dysfunction, families

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