Tapati (tapati) wrote,

New Technology Assists Thieves

Passing this on from a friend:

My Dad just emailed me the following good advice & I thought I'd pass it on.

1. GPS

Our friends had their car broken into while at a football game. Their car was parked on the green adjacent to the stadium and specially allotted to football fans. Things stolen from the car included: a garage door remote control, some money and a GPS prominently mounted on the dashboard.

When the victims got home, they found that their house had been ransacked and just about everything had been stolen. The thieves used the GPS to guide them to the house ("Go Home" feature), and used the garage remote control to gain entry to the house. They knew the owners were at the game, what time the game was scheduled to finish and so they knew how much time they had to clean out the house. It would appear that they had brought a truck to empty the house of its contents.


Never thought of this: This lady has now changed her habit of how she lists her names on her mobile phone after her handbag, containing her cell phone, credit card, wallet, etc., was stolen.

20 minutes later when she called her husband, from a pay phone telling him what had happened; and he says: “I got your text asking about our Pin Number and I've replied a little while ago.” When they rushed down to the bank, they were told all the money was already withdrawn. The thief actually used the stolen cell phone to text 'hubby' in the contact list, and get the pin number. Within 20 minutes he had emptied their account.

Do not disclose relationships between you and those in your contact list. Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad, Mom, etc. Most importantly, when sensitive info is asked through texts, CONFIRM by calling back.

Also, if you get a text from friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm the message came from them. If you don't reach them, be very careful about going places to meet 'family and friends' who text you!

PLEASE PASS THIS ON - Be alert how you list personal information on your cell and GPS
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