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Forum down, tech support notified

For those forum members who have bookmarked my livejournal, yes I went to log in early this morning and noticed that I was getting a my sql error message. I sent an email regarding this to my consultant who handles the technical end of the forum, as I am not quite that geeky and don't really want to be. :)

I'm hoping he is not too busy right now to check into it, when he reads his email tomorrow. I'm not going to call him at this hour.

I will update this post if I find out tomorrow that there will be a delay.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Blessed be--


PS Mods, yes I noticed that one too!


Now it seems I can intermittently get to the main page but not do anything active without getting that message. I don't know if it might be self-correcting, or caused by some server problem, search engines connecting, or what, since I don't know what "too many connections" means in context. So I guess we'll have to be patient until tomorrow. Sorry! I know for some members it is daytime and this must be extra frustrating.


OK, this is as geeky as I'm going to get for tonight. check this out, it describes what's happening with the "too many connections" message:


I tried to load the site, but it did take a great deal of time.

Understading connections is very important if you are going to use a database.

Everytime you call a query, your website has to connect. When you are finished with the query, you need to disconnect, otherwise, those connections stay open, waiting for instructions.

A server can only handle so many connections before it just shuts down. And your host might not like that.

Find a good tutorial on mysql and PHP and look up "closing connections"
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