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Crippled Lady

A follow up to "Fat is not contagious".

I woke up remembering Whoopi Goldberg's Crippled Lady routine. As it starts out, she's talking about being on the bus and people being afraid to touch her. She says, "I tell them they won't wake up like me tomorrow." Pause. "It generally takes two weeks."

The comedian we were seeing is a very fat positive, activist comedian, so the whole thing was simply ironic. I figured it would be a fairly safe environment of fans who've been educated about prejudice against fat people. Apparently these were not fans or else were too dense to get it. Or they get it in theory, but when confronted with actual fat they simply revert to type.

I also woke up very sore from clenching my body tightly to not spill over my narrow seat. My thighs in particular are so sore it hurts to sit down or walk. I took ibuprofen this morning.

The performance was great and there were moments where we were all pleasantly shocked and laughing hysterically. It was a liberal peforming for liberals so it was good to collectively vent over what's happening to our country and our rights now.

(I'm sorry I can't reveal the actual comedian because that would give clues to my location. A few months ago I was threatened on a forum and I could easily be followed to this journal. By threatened I mean someone said they were going to take a knife and stab various areas of my body, some lethally. It was all reported for all the good it did. I was trying to discourage him from posting vulgar and profane content on a spiritual forum in the middle of the night. He obviously wanted the members to confront all their topics filled with this filth. So then he turned on me.)

I have a lot to do today so that's it for now.
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