Tapati (tapati) wrote,

What I've been reading

Just read Sunshine by Robin McKinley, a wonderful fantasy set in an alternate universe where magical creatures like vampires, demons, and were-creatures have always been known and magic is used alongside technology. Vampires are not sweet or seductive, cuddly creatures to have romantic fantasies about. Magic wars created whole areas that are unlivable, much like an atomic blast might. I've been a fan of McKinley for years, ever since I read Beauty and then Deerskin. I could not put this book down. The unlikely heroine in the body of a baker is not a character I will ever forget. It was a pleasure to spend such quality time with her and view her strange world through her own pragmatic eyes. The normalcy of baking for a cafe every day is a great counterpoint to the danger both she and her society faces. Beautifully done!

I also continued the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. This latest installment is The Battle of the Labyrinth. I am delighted that new generations will now remember the old myths and enjoy them the way I did when I was growing up. When it comes time to pass these on to my grandsons (um, children), I will be hard pressed to give them away!

Presently I am reading The Will Of The Empress by Tamora Pierce, which follows the Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens series. These are excellent books for children! You may also have heard of her Alanna series, which is the series that turned my dyslexic daughter into an avid reader!

Dave got me the book Without A Net that I wrote about earlier when I discovered it existed. It is written by working poor women and has amazing stories of their lives. I can only read it in short bursts, though, because it makes me both angry and depressed and I wish I could force every smug conservative who thinks that if you're poor you just aren't working hard enough to read it ten times until it sinks in.

I'm also working through a book on fiction writing, What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers. I'm really finding it useful.

So that's what I'm doing when I'm not dropping in here--returning to my roots as a reader and writer.
Tags: books, sci fi, writing
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