Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Poor, poor teddy bear!

Minor Supernatural spoilers from a few weeks ago

A few weeks ago on Supernatural there was a hilarious episode with a life sized Teddy Bear having an existential crisis. I think anyone who has ever had a suicidal thought would howl with laughter at the plight of the depressed teddy bear, wished into a life sized, conscious existence by the little girl who owns him. “Why am I here?” he says, “For tea parties?”

Later in the episode we see him clutching a shot gun, having left a note on a chalkboard: "Life is Meaningless. Signed T. Bear." The camera pans away from the bear and we hear a shot and see a spray of stuffing fly into the air. Near the end of the episode we see the little girl with her normal sized teddy, a bandage over the wound on his head. Awwww.

I so appreciate the sense of humor with which the writers lighten Supernatural, which could be such a dark show no one would want to watch it otherwise. This season they've really outdone themselves, I have to say. If you haven't been following Supernatural, I highly recommend catching up on past seasons.
Tags: depression, sci fi, suicide

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