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I'm in love

I've fallen in love with my Miata. I didn't think that any car could capture my heart after Jezebel's many years of faithful service, but this zippy little turquoise Miata has done so in record time. She pretty much named herself Shakti right away. I don't usually go for Sanskrit names but that's just the most appropriate name for her.

Jezebel is going on to help my daughter do her paper route, and since my daughter has grown up with Jezebel in her life since she was 12, she's already planning to fix her up and has new seat covers all ready for her. She even wants to paint her. I'll have to take a picture before I let her go tomorrow, and take a farewell drive over to the car wash.

I can't wait to drive somewhere tomorrow. Shakti is calling.
Tags: car, jezebel, shakti

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