Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Christopher Hitchens on McCain's state of mind

From Hardball:

I started out criticizing all the ageist jokes about McCain early in this campaign year. Then he started making errors about which terrorists Iran has helped to train, repeatedly, and his campaign became really bizarre and erratic, changing tactics day to day. When he chose Palin I really had to wonder about his age and state of mind in connection with that decision and what the fate of the country would be if she took office. Now I have to agree with Christopher Hitchens: McCain just doesn't look like he's held up well to the stress of a campaign, which I have to suspect is related to his age. Does anyone imagine a presidency is easier than a presidential campaign? Do we want a tired, stressed, and therefore mentally deficient McCain handling an international crisis? Or would we prefer a younger, sharper, and energetic Obama doing so? Disregarding ideology for a moment, I suspect many Americans who've watched McCain unravel and age rapidly this year feel that same sense of unease with McCain in office, handling financial and foreign policy issues. Some people could handle the presidency in their 70s--I just have serious doubts about McCain doing so.

Like many I think it's sad that Bush/Rove tactics ended his 2000 primary campaign. He would certainly have been better, back then, than Bush. Now I think it's just too late. It looks like it's a bitter pill for him to swallow. But for the sake of the country, I hope he doesn't manage to pull off an electoral victory this year.

The RNC has pumped money his way for these last days of the election and the battleground states are seeing a scary new McCain ad using Biden's foolish words over a background of terrifying images set to creepy music. It's time to contribute more to Obama's campaign in this final stretch to bring them at least even again in funds.
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