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picked up my Miata today

I got a call today that the wheel for my Miata had come back and I could pick it up, so Dave drove me over and I picked it up. I have to say I still have a silly smile on my face while I drive, I don't even mind stupid drivers trying to cut me off. After work I drove by the ocean, my Miata really loves the curves. The lights were so bright I thought they might be brights, but no, that was my dims! The interior dial lights are red, it was rather odd to see. I need to bring a cd or two, though, so I don't have to depend on radio. Nice stereo. I have to call to see about getting an ipod dock added in.

Dave is going away this weekend but when he's back I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun driving together. In the meantime I want to go to the local state parks and walk.

A new car may not make life perfect, but it sure makes it a lot more fun!
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