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So John McCain is very concerned about the health and finances of Joe the Plumber, but if there were a Jill the Plumber who needed an abortion for health reasons in the last trimester she should just plan to have the baby--even if it kills her. A sneering McCain put air quotes around the word health in the debate when referring to the provision protecting women's right to have a late term abortion for health reasons.

I suspect he lost some independent women voters last night.

Meanwhile Obama got a chance to put the Ayers thing to rest and make it clear that Ayers did NOT launch his political career with a fundraiser in his living room.

Once again McCain looked disgruntled and like he just can't believe he hasn't been fitted for a crown yet because this young upstart has taken the job he believes should be his. It keeps bothering me that McCain has this sense of entitlement, as if doing time in the Senate is some automatic guarantee. Well, talk to Kerry and then sit down with Al Gore and figure out how to deal with it. Unless something earth shaking happens (another Osama tape?) it looks pretty bad for McCain right now.

That doesn't mean we should all rest on our laurels, though, we still have to vote. :)
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