Tapati (tapati) wrote,


  • 12:05 So my bank failed...WAMU is no more. At least the FDIC thing really works--I knew I didn't need to panic or anything.
  • 12:08 @jessibird before we can get more voters interested we have to overcome cynicism, I think--and nonvoters are even more cynical
  • 12:09 @jessibird re true blood--will be glad if or when we stop watching every sexual encounter her brother has--books were Sookie's view only.
  • 12:11 @jessibird I find it helps to tell myself I will remember dreams at bedtime, then DON'T MOVE while you review in a.m.--movement erases them
  • 12:12 @jessibird I read about the movement issue and dreams years ago and it's true, as soon as I start moving around a lot they fade, forget why.

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