Tapati (tapati) wrote,

My bank failed

I have to say it is interesting to be part of the largest bank failure in U.S. history (so far). Thank Goddess for FDIC, that's all I can say. :)

It's fascinating to watch the melt down of our economy and the frantic efforts to save it while not being able to de-politicize the rescue efforts. The McCain theater was just pathetic. Meanwhile the Palin interviews with Katie Couric are just plain scary at times. Palin continues to insist that being close to Russia has conferred some special wisdom and then goes on to mention Putin invading their air space. Really? Have you been reading too much cold war fiction or something?

I hope McCain ends up bitterly regretting this hasty, political choice for V.P. It seems her favorables are dropping and her unfavorables are rising as people finally get a look into the bubble surrounding her and are worried about what they hear.

These days I'm too busy watching the spectacle that this election season provides to write much about it. You can't make this stuff up--no editor would buy it as fiction! I mean, Palin being protected from witchcraft? Wow! (Too bad, I was thinking of a spell...)
Tags: finance, money, politics

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