Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Sarah Palin kills all those wolves sent after her...

I remember when I saw McCain's "wolf" ad where opposition researchers were sent to Alaska to investigate Palin's record and they were represented as wolves, I thought about her record of allowing wolves to be shot from low flying planes. In fact I thought an interesting SNL video could be made where she picks up her rifle and goes after the "wolves."

Well, someone made a commercial of it. I'm not suggesting we donate money because I'm not sure the Palin focus is good for Obama, but it's interesting (and disturbing) to see. For those interested, here's the link. With thanks to xtremeroswellia for the link.

ETA: Salon has an interview with a Baptist pastor who wrote a book Palin tried to have banned from the library. (She never succeeded in banning any books, btw.) In this article you learn some interesting things about her religious world view and how it might influence her decision making.

Tags: politics

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