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Latoyia's body found

Previously I wrote about a woman named Latoyia Figueroa who had been missing and hadn't received much attention from the media in spite of the fact that she was pregnant.

Unfortunately she was found as police observed the killer trying to move her body. It would seem that the bloggers who shamed the media into paying more attention to this working class black mother had also encouraged the police to put more manpower into the case than they might otherwise have, and they were keeping this suspect under observation.

For a full account, here's the link to Allspinzone, the blog that initially turned the spotlight on this case.

Apparently, homicide is a leading cause of pregnancy-associated injury deaths. Perhaps pregnant women need to think about taking extra safety precautions even with their significant others. I remember an increase in beatings during both of my pregnancies. Perhaps it's just my luck that my ex-husband didn't own a firearm.

Rest in peace, LaToyia (and child).
Tags: domestic violence, media, racism

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