Tapati (tapati) wrote,

McCain is the pig wearing the lipstick

McCain's campaign has accused Obama of calling Palin a pig...for using the well known phrase "lipstick on a pig" after describing McCain's efforts to take on the change label in spite of policies nearly identical to those of George Bush. At no point was Palin's name mentioned in connection with this phrase. But McCain's campaign has succeeded in getting some newspapers to run front page stories about their take on the supposed "sexism" of Barack Obama. Unbelievable! McCain, it turns out, has used this phrase himself, in response to Hillary Clinton's health care plan.

The only reason anyone would even think of Palin and lipstick in the same sentence would be her own use of the joke about hockey moms and how they differ from pit bulls: they wear lipstick. So I guess it's ok to say that the only way Palin differs from Bush is that she wears lipstick? Though we don't know what George does in private...

Anyone want to suggest the perfect shade of lipstick for McCain? 'Cause I hope by the end of this it's all over his face.
Tags: politics

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