Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Lady Luck

written 1996

Lady Luck

Luck, if she’s a lady, hasn’t been on good terms with me
I never did her no harm that I can think of
Never did her no favors, either
Somehow Luck and I have remained strangers
Though I watched carefully while she favored others

Last year Luck seemed to have it in for me
I began to think Death was my only escape
The only door she couldn’t close
I tried to make it through to peace and freedom
Only to have it slam shut in my face

I thought Lady Luck was a heartless bitch
And gave up on happiness altogether
I thought contentment was the best
Lady Luck would ever allow me to know
And I settled down to merely exist

There came a day when Ms. Luck gave me
A glimpse of joyful possibility
If only I dared to risk rejection
I took the dare and faced the risk she offered
And found all the luck and joy I’d never known

Now I realize Lady Luck was my friend
All along she had you in mind for me
It just wasn’t the right time
We weren’t yet ready for our meeting
And I had many lessons to learn

My luck is all the sweeter for waiting
As you are that much more wonderful
After all the disappointments before
If Lady Luck had acted too soon,
I wouldn’t understand my luck now

I’d think everyone was like you,
As funny, as patient, as king
Always thoughtful and caring
Generous almost to a fault sometimes
I wouldn’t have known how rare

Qualities like these are in this time
In this place, among these men
You are a priceless gem, gleaming
Brightly amid the dull stones and much
And Lady Luck saved you for me.
Tags: anniversary, bio, dave, poetry, writing

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