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Patience is not one of my virtues

Well, I got to fondle my car yesterday. I got to drive it. I got to check out its stereo system--a treat because Jezebel has never even had a working tape player since I got her, just the radio and two basic speakers.

Then I had to drive her back and give up the keys, put down my check, and wait for the wheel to come back. Apparently it is a liability issue to let me go out with the "donut" spare on her, even just to go back and forth to work, less than a mile. (I'd walk if there weren't a large hill involved.) The wheel and hub are a unit, and unlike other cars you can't just put a tire on the hub and go.

Meanwhile my daughter definitely wants my Toyota but I need to drive to work. We're hoping just this week as they're putting pressure on the wheel-chroming shop.

I'm bemused by my obsession with this cute car after years of trying to fight my materialistic streak and be restrained in my consumerism. I was actually filled with joy as I drove up the curvy road I used to live on when I was a poor single parent. It was a good test drive road and near the dealership. I remembered the many trips on that road with the junker cars I used to drive, and the accident I had as a pickup truck hit me head on in my lane one night. I drove past my former home to see that it had been torn down--as well it should have been, years ago. It used to house chinchillas before it housed my little family. We called it the Pit of Despair after we saw The Princess Bride.

But here I was, driving this 2001 Mazda Miata down the road on a beautiful sunny day with my wonderful husband. Poverty was years behind me and I felt free.

Life is fine sometimes.
Tags: car, joy, pit of despair, poverty

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