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06 September 2008 @ 12:05 pm
  • 19:09 My grandma's voice: tinyurl.com/6ke6e2 #
  • 19:10 Yep my family was weird. Been going through old papers, journals and answering machine tapes--knew I was going to write about it someday. #
  • 19:12 @thescottishguy oh, too bad, and no one rescued the music? I spent many hours loading that so you all could enjoy it after I was gone. :( #
  • 19:15 @jessibird glad you're feeling better, oddly enough sometimes pickle juice helps me...know you love pickles :) #
  • 19:16 @markedformetal she should pitch in for gas or the bf #
  • 22:43 The Angry Left: tinyurl.com/yo7q8m/g/a/2008/09/05/notes090508.DTL #
  • 22:44 @jessibird I wouldn't swear it is good for anything but my mom passed the practice on and it's worked before. I prefer sweet pickles though #
  • 22:44 tinyurl.com/5kldv4 Joe Biden: The silence is deafening #
  • 08:09 @thescottishguy Oh good, I'm glad it didn't go to waste! I'm selling the last of the cds from loading Dave's stuff too, though keeping a few #
  • 08:11 I'm going to bed, been up all night, went swimming at 3 a.m. (forbidden so twice as fun!) It has been so hot here I needed to cool off. #

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