Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The most important card I ever gave anyone...

Nearly twelve years ago I decided to give this card to a co-worker, a fellow security guard working the alternate shift to mine. He had trained me for the post.

Dear David,

For the past few weeks I have been wanting to ask you out but I've been too shy and I also didn't want to make you feel awkward about working with me if you weren't interested (or were involved with someone already).

A couple of friends of mine have been encouraging me to go ahead...So here I am.

I admire your intelligence, your kindness and your sense of humor--and your absolutely gorgeous eyes.

Even if you are not interested in "dating" I would still like to spend time with you as a friend. I realize that neither of us has a lot of spare time (and complementary work schedules) so I'm not planning to monopolize your time or interfere with your studying in either case. I remember what school was like and I know it is your first priority.

I hope I haven't made you too uncomfortable. Certainly if you are not interested I won't say another word.

Respectfully yours,


I included a post-it note with my phone number. Little did he know the important role post-it notes play in my life! :)
Tags: anniversary, bio, dave, love, marriage, relationships, writing
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