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Wow, the direct quote

I had tried recently to remember just what my grandma said after my mom died. I actually remembered it a little more kindly than it really was. I had saved the answering machine tape and I found it yesterday. At some point I'll ftp the actual voice but here's the transcript--imagine a nasty tone and a strong Midwestern accent:

Terilyn, you only have one to hate now--me. Your Aunt Virginia was buried yesterday-beautiful...funeral. Your mother was buried Thurs...Wednesday. And Grandpa goes in for "prostrate" cancer next week so you probably won't have him anymore so I'll be the only one for you to hate.

Just for the record, I didn't hate any of these people! I don't know where she got that. The message was left on the actual day of my mom's funeral--Wednesday. I couldn't afford to travel to be there so we went to the beach and had a little ceremony of our own. We came back and this was on the machine. Thanks Grandma. Love you too.

She was wrong--Grandpa beat the cancer and outlived her. I was removed from their will, though, whether by both of them or by him I don't know. I don't think he forgave me for not staying in touch with her but I couldn't take any more of her verbal abuse.

ETA: You can listen to Grandma here.

That Midwestern twang, by the way, is dying out.
Tags: bio, family, grandma, writing

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