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McCain pulls the wool over our eyes

So McCain has tried very hard this past week to re-brand himself as the maverick he used to be, and make his campaign about change. He hasn't given up the b story line where he claims Obama is just not ready or prepared to defend our country--even though his VP pick isn't particularly ready to do so and knows far less than Obama about foreign policy. Oh, but he'll school her. Ok, let's imagine that. It's September now and she starts cramming. They somehow get into office and let's say that in the first month the stresses of the campaign catch up with McCain and (not wishing this on him) he has a cardiovascular incident. Stroke, heart attack, something of that nature. Let's say he's in a coma and may recover but is presently unavailable to run the country.

Palin is sworn in as acting president in the interim. Meanwhile Pakistan decides to shoot at some of our soldiers operating in the mountain regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. A few days later, Russia decides that since Palin is busy trying to deal with that crisis, it would be a great time to invade the Ukraine. Since we're still bogged down in Iraq, we don't really have a lot of troops to send anywhere and she's at a table with the advisers being presented with scenarios that all involve loss of life--simply more or less loss of life--and additional costs either politically, economically, or both.

This is not something I'd like to see. I'd prefer to see Obama and Biden working together in a situation like this. I think most people who read my blog feel the same way.

For McCain to claim the maverick mantle, in my mind, he'd have had to have been fighting Bush tooth and nail for the soul of his party for the last 8 years and broken with his Republican comrades and voted against the Bush-related bills at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the time. Instead he voted close to 90 % of the time as Bush would have wanted him too. He briefly spoke out against the Bush tax cuts before he was persuaded to embrace them--which he still claims he does. He rightfully pointed out that we've never given tax cuts in time of war. Of course we haven't--war costs a lot of money! Note that these tax cuts didn't go to you or me--they went to people making over 200K. Republicans are good at making us regular folks think that they plan to cut our taxes or that the Dems will raise our taxes--but they are only looking out for their rich friends. Oops, I forgot, rich starts at 5 million for McCain. I guess he is for the middle class if you look at it that way.

Whether McCain lives to a ripe old age or not, even if he turns out to be a kinder, gentler version of Bush, we can't afford to waste any more time if we want to heal the damage done by these Bush/Cheney years. I used to think that in our system, even if we got a bad president, the term limits would keep the damage done to a minimum. Bush and Cheney have proved me wrong. It will take many years to undo the damage they have done. We've got to get started next January, and before that we have to get Obama and Biden elected. The entrenched power elite will fight that all the way--they're already knocking likely Democrat voters off the rolls and hoping they won't notice in time. It takes a staggering amount of money to run a campaign, air the ads, do the traveling, pay the staff, and get out into the communities and make sure our people are registered and can vote. The best ground campaign often wins the election.

Have you donated? Can you keep donating? Can you afford to take some time off and travel to the battleground states to help with the registering and phone calls and other efforts? Can you spend some evenings making phone calls from your own community? (Phone banks are often set up and calls made around the country from right here in California.) This is one election we can't just sit back and tell ourselves that of course our charismatic and brilliant candidate will win--particularly not with the unknown racism factor. We have to make sure that we do everything we do to get every vote possible. Or we're going to wake up the day after the election in shock that our candidate lost by a razor thin margin and ask ourselves what we could have done to prevent that.

I'll get off my soapbox now. :)

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