Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Gloria Steinem talks about Palin on the issues

As far as I'm concerned, the most important point to make about Palin is that she is wrong on the issues. I can't imagine any Hillary voter really embracing the views Palin has and demonstrated as mayor and governor. Gloria Steinem wrote an op-ed piece explaining this in depth: Palin: Wrong Woman, Wrong Message.

Then there is the logical conclusion of "fetal rights" as pointed out to Palin in an open letter by Lynn Paltrow.

Meanwhile, the Daily Show had to weigh in.

While Palin is, as others have said, meant to be a distraction for us liberals that simultaneously rallies the Republican base, I still find it alarming that if McCain wins she will be so close to the presidency, ready to take over if McCain should die or become incapacitated. I didn't worry about his age much before, but I have to say I'd be praying for his continued good health if they win the election.

We need to not be at all complacent about this election if we'd like to see Obama and Biden start the work of reversing the Bush years' damage. Have you given money to the campaign yet?
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