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We are the leaders our country has been waiting for

I'm sure it's a good sign that I am hearing people say that they are contributing for the very first time in an election year. It's hopeful. But it's also a little alarming that so many people either don't vote or even if they vote they don't recognize the effort needed to win an election.

Maybe I am abnormal. I first contributed to a presidential election during the McGovern campaign. I wish I still had my button--my mom got rid of it when I went to the temple. I have been a contributor ever since. I only regret not becoming a more active volunteer but I was kind of busy surviving as a single parent. I got to vote one year because some kind lady was willing to drive me to the polls--she was from the League of Women Voters. (Another good place to donate money) Poor people often can't vote without such assistance. There was no bus service in Keokuk and I didn't have a car. It was way too far to walk with small children. She also kept an eye on them while I voted. Our one vote doesn't count unless we are able to make it--and she enabled me to do so. That's democracy!

If the last 8 years have proved anything, it's that citizens absolutely must get involved, must study the issues, must read or watch the news, must vote intelligently--or unbelievably bad things can happen. We all fell asleep while Bush and Cheney looted the country. It's time to take it back. If we don't all do everything possible to make Obama president, we get another 4 years of Republican rule by a guy who has sold out to Bush for his political ambition and gone back on most of the things he used to espouse back when he was a more lovable and respectable "maverick." That McCain is gone. It's sad, but it's the truth. We can't afford him as president right now and if he should die as suddenly as the much younger Tim Russert, we sure as hell can't afford Sarah Palin in the White House.

I'd urge anyone living near a battleground state--Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, and others--please volunteer to help with voting registration and/or transport on election day. (I've often thought it would be cool to be in Ohio in the poor, black neighborhood polling stations and bring chairs and hot liquids because they seem to make it so that there aren't enough voting booths and people stand out in long lines to vote in the cold winter. It's an obvious effort to discourage votes there.)

We get the government we deserve. If we want quick fixes like oil drilling more than a long term, sane energy policy--that's what we get. If we want a charming guy with an agenda that was disastrous for America--well, that's what we got. If we don't get involved this year, we deserve whatever happens.
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