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delay on car delivery

Everyone who makes a big purchase has buyer's remorse, or so I hear. Well, the delivery of my Miata has been delayed--a wheel is being re-chromed and the shop is taking possibly 3 weeks to do it. They are looking aroudn for a replacement temporarily. Dave is wondering what's the big deal, slap a wheel on it. Then we realized--their license plate holder is going on it so they want it to look just right. sigh.

So I'm sitting here with the loan paperwork that says my soul belongs to a bank for 5 years but I have no cute little car to take the sting out of that realization. I'm sure I'd feel much better about those impending payments and the financial austerity to go with them if I were buzzing around town in my convertible listening to my favorite music.

Granted, my payments ended up comparable to leasing a Mini--but in the end I get to enjoy the Miata much, much more.

Well, I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't figured out that I could handle the payments.

Now where's my car?!

8 PM, ETA:

So I get a call today from Ann who apparently watches their bottom line and wondered if they needed to finance it for me since she hadn't seen a check...I said, I have the check, but I've never had a chance to drive the car and I'm told it may take up to 3 weeks for them to get a wheel re-chromed so I can drive it. She said we can't hold it three weeks. I said I am not going to hand over a check and make payments for five years for a car I've never driven. She said oh, you didn't get to test drive it? I said right, it had a "donut" on in place of the wheel and I drove another Miata, and have a verbal agreement that I can back out if I don't like the test drive. I said I offered to take it with a replacement wheel in the meantime. She said let me call you back.

30 minutes later she called back and told me I can pick it up Sunday. :)

Money talks really loud sometimes.

I tried to smog my Jezebel, my Toyota today and the smog test aborted because there was too much dilution. In 04 I had a muffler replaced to make it pass, so now there's another leak somewhere. I told my daughter to think about whether it's worth it to her to pay for checking that out, otherwise I will donate her to a charity. She has some good parts anyway, a brand new battery in fact. It made me more certain that I made the right decision because I would have run into this in December when I'm less able to go car hunting.
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