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In One Place: The Mahasraya Stories and more

The Mahasraya story (so far, still have more to write):


Falling In Love

Still working on connecting this chronologically to the next set, basically we were together in Chicago for awhile and then moved to L.A. where I eventually got pregnant--then we lost our apartment:

Pregnant In a Laundry Room

Childbirth Led To More Violence

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I Can't Live Without You!


The Odyssey Part 1

The Odyssey Part 2

Adventures In Cultivation:Odyssey Part 2 interlude

Odyssey Part 3

Two Days In The Life, Odyssey Part 3 interlude

After The Odyssey

Friends Locked: From the Other Woman (letter)

Mother of Mercy (stand alone piece)

These next two were some of the earliest writings I did on the subject and I reprinted them in my online magazine, Uppity Women. I just want to add that Maxine, mentioned in the second piece, passed away in 2001 and she is sorely missed.

Why Don't You Just Leave That Jerk? (essay published in 1994 La Gazette in Santa Cruz)

So You Left The Jerk. Now What? (follow up essay also published 1994)

Other biographical entries (just to help me keep track):

Joy In Unlikely Places: My son's head injury

Spanish Guy (Just before I got together with Mahasraya)

Comfort From Above (also connected to son's head injury)

I'm Alive (2001 heart surgery from paper diary)

Trials of the Heart (Salon piece)

Almost: Meeting Dave

F. Komatar

Appointment With Death

Letter From A Christian

Scents From My Childhood

Bonnie and Virginia

Still doing a lot of writing offline that I don't wish to post but will fill in gaps of the Mahasraya story soon--would like to get it over with.

ETA: Here's my post about something my Grandma said on my answering machine after my mom and aunt passed away, with a link to the voice recording of that message: Terilyn, you only have one to hate now--me. Your Aunt Virginia was buried yesterday-beautiful...funeral. Your mother was buried Thurs...Wednesday. And Grandpa goes in for "prostrate" cancer next week so you probably won't have him anymore so I'll be the only one for you to hate.
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