Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Chinese Blogger detained, uses Twitter to get the word out

China: Citizen reporter Zuola carted off

He is presently in his home town, having been sent back there and placed under an injunction to remain there. The post gives his Twitter-relayed account of this event as it happened.

It used to be that such abductions by the government didn't happen here in the U.S.--but now we have the Patriot Act, and it does. All that has to happen is that some suspicion be placed on you as a "terrorist" and off you go, no lawyer, no word to anyone, no phone call, no Miranda warning. Suddenly you're in the Spanish Inquisition, 21st century version.

So we can no longer be smug that these things don't happen to us. Though they are still less likely to happen to those of us who have white skin--unless they think you're an "eco-terrorist" or a white supremacist militia member.

I hope the pressure lets up when everyone leaves Beijing and the government there is less concerned with foreigners seeing their dirty laundry.

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