Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Opening Ceremonies in Beijing

Did anyone else catch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies last night? It was incredible, mind-boggling actually, to watch the history of China unfold in art, music and dance along with special effects, all designed by Chinese film-maker Zhang Yimou. They ran it again today and it wouldn't surprise me if they did so tomorrow or late tonight as well. There was also a touching bit near the end where a little boy who survived the earthquake earlier this year and even helped rescue two of his class mates, 9-year-old Lin Hao, walked alongside the Chinese team's flag bearer, 7-and-a-half foot Yao Ming. Lin Hao had said that it was his duty to rescue his class mates--he was hall monitor! Lin Hao was matched only by the stunningly beautiful little Chinese girl who was raised aloft in a harness to fly a kite over the stadium audience. I'm sorry I didn't catch her name.

Yes I was thinking of Tibet as I watched, but here China is really reaching out to the world and I think we can best help Tibet in the long term by encouraging these changes in China's attitudes. Plus whatever else is going on I think there is something positive about coming together as a planet for the Olympic Games.

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