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Wait for the DVD!

When Spiderman 3 came out someone warned me not to waste theater prices to see it, and why. I have to say the same of the X-Files movie "I Want To Believe." I felt sorry for the actors that they were given such a shoddy plot and writing to work with. They deserved better. Four people walked out when we saw it--in an already sparse audience. I often like movies that are panned by the critics--but this was not one of those times. Other than a few good moments like the kind you enjoy in a bad Star Trek movie because you love the characters and miss them, it was a miserable experience.

Spoilers behind the cut!

"I Want To Believe" that there will be a future installment of the X-Files that is much better than this one--but I am afraid that this movie has killed the franchise.

This was like a so-so TV episode, not up to the standards of the first feature film of the X-Files in years. We stuck it out to the credits but walked away disappointed and frustrated that we had spent that much money. I was fidgeting during the second half. There were flaws in the plotting, poor representation of the villains and their motives (not mentioned until near the end--would have added a lot if they had even 10 minutes of character development to explain the main villain's psychology), sparse background on Mulder and Scully's relationship up to now and events in the intervening time, and a lot of gross blood and gore scenes without sufficient story to make them worthwhile.

The b story of Scully's job and conflict with the priest-administrator of the hospital made a false bad guy of her boss who was making a valid point that needs to be explored more in medicine. (When is enough enough when prolonging life in terminal patients and what risks and suffering are supported by available evidence in procedures?)

Grafting a gay marriage onto the plot without really exploring the depth of that relationship did a disservice to gay men. While I don't hold to the idea that all queer people should be presented as angels, if you're going to make them villains give us more depth than this. Nor did they need to be gay for the plot--they could have been male family members. I could not imagine putting a loved one through the kind of suffering that this husband put his sick spouse through--that needed a lot of explaining. Maybe he has really major abandonment issues, I don't know. Maybe this was the only person in his life who really loved him. Make him human--he seemed like a monster without any redeeming qualities yet we're supposed to realize at the end he really loves his husband. That's quite a disconnect! Also, it's problematic to mix a pedophile story line with homosexuality for obvious reasons and we were subjected to the old, outdated notion that one of the character's former victims became gay maybe because he was molested. Come on now!

Why are Mulder and Scully still calling each other by last names? Why would the FBI not simply follow her to find him? Are they really be that incompetent? Why would they bury one victim in the glass case--why waste it? Wouldn't you want to reuse it? (Or did they just want the psychic to have a dramatic moment?) Other body parts were buried by themselves. Why find more than one victim in a place that could be traced back to you? Why were there no subtitles for the Russian segments? Why would Scully put up with Mulder all these years and suddenly balk at his involvement in one case? Maybe it's a good sign that he's getting out of the house! She could have just set a limit about any further cases or something reasonable. I was also waiting for her to ask the little boy if HE thought the pain was worth it--he seemed to be pretty bright. Or for that matter, why wouldn't the parents ask him?

Too many logic flaws in one movie! Little reason for non-fans to even care about it!

As a side note, I have been reading comments but lately have not had energy to respond. Just want you all to know they are appreciated! :)
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