Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Cardiac test

Well, the Urgent Care Dr, Vedder is his name, seemed to believe it was angina. He sent me upstairs to Dr. Brandt for a stress ekg with ultrasound. I'm to go back to see him tomorrow because he was called away before I could see the results with him--he had an emergency surgery to perform. But I was given nitroglycerin tablets and a beta blocker to take and told to discontinue Baycol. It's been recalled, has caused muscle damage in some people and been implicated in some deaths. Dr. Vedder says it could be a factor in my problem and at least it's not a risk I should take. Dr. Deetz is booked up into September so I can't really see him now.

I'm not to go into work until I've seen the cardiologist (Dr. Brandt). Nor can I do much at home. This is a frustrating time to deal with this! But if I can finally get a handle on the status of my arteries, that's good.
Tags: health, heart disease

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