Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Tool concert in Berkeley

Great weekend with Dave--Tool concert in Berkeley with King Crimson! Saw Becca's new apartment in SF. Had a great Indian meal--then found Indian food markets and bought good imported basmati, frozen grated coconut (fresh grated) for coconut chutney, tamarind, spices, frozen naan, jalebis...cool stuff.

We drove from Belmont and San Mateo to SJ on El Camino Real. Saturday was spent window shopping--housewares at 3 stores (saw my moonbeam clock at Restoration Hardware) and had lunch. We went Sunday to find Two Sisters, but it's morphed into The Lavender Dragon and was closed. Still had queer stickers and goddess figures...new owner or same? Curious. We found India Cash and Carry, the Indian Store in Sunnyvale, and an online list of such stores.

Another great sex weekend. :)

Only real problem was with breathing, my chest burns and I can't get my breath, even when walking level ground or water aerobics. Calling Dr. tomorrow. Asthma? Heart? Have no idea. I normally only have breathing problems up steep hills or stairs, and then only feeling a weight/constricting feeling preventing deep breaths. This was a burning painful feeling with some tightness and breathlessness that took maybe 15-20 minutes to pass. With level walking in short distances that I regularly walk each day. But I don't feel like I have bronchial congestion.

So, what, inflamed lungs? Or heart has blockage and pain is felt generally in chest?

I would love to spend longer time with Dave, watch my grandchild grow up...yet I recognize I have no control over the time I die, other than trying to improve my health. I am confident that even after death we can be reunited, and even that I can observe my loved ones (periodically, not constantly!) that I leave behind. But I feel like I'm finally learning how to be happy, and I have a lot to do still. I'd like to stay if I'm allowed.

All I can do is take aspirin, see the doctor, and get my orthotics fixed so I can walk more.

Sam brought the baby in to work a couple weeks ago--he's getting really cute. What a sweet baby!
Tags: health, heart disease, music, tool

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