Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Laugh Attack

The other night we were looking at the offerings of our cable's "On Demand" feature. I thought it would be amusing to see what porn offerings they had, even though I don't really like the x-rated stuff. I just wanted to see what they had, maybe they had one of the classics like "Wifemistress" or "Emmanuele."

I had been coughing so much that my ribs and back hurt, so I was trying to avoid doing anything that would use those muscles.

But when I saw the titles I couldn't help but laugh, especially when I saw "12 inch Attack."

For some reason that title just struck me as particularly funny and I was off in one of those laughing fits where you just can't stop yourself and can hardly come up for breath. I guess it represented everything that was ridiculous about...well the kind of men who care that much about impressing everyone with their penis length.

I thought I'd die before I could stop. I would start to wind down and then I'd think of it again and be off, though it hurt so much I was simultaneously groaning in pain.

I don't think there could be an equivalent for women...Attack of the 12 inch vagina? Maybe Attack of the Quadruple D Cup?


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