Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Another lying murderer 'fesses up

This story broke last night in local news when Hans Reiser, staring a sentence of 25-to-life in the face, agreed to take authorities to the site where he'd buried his wife Nina in order to set the stage for a late, post conviction plea bargain to second degree murder (15-life). His defense team had maintained that Nina might be in Europe. The burial site turned out to be less than a mile from his mother's house in steep terrain and likely would not have been found without his help. The murder is thought to have taken place after she came to drop off the kids for a visit and while the kids were in the basement. The area where the body had been buried was searched previously with cadaver dogs but the actual site was difficult to access.


Now, if they can just find the body of Drew Peterson's wife Stacey.



These women are dead but clearly misogyny is alive and well.
Tags: domestic violence, murder, sexism

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