Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Dr. Phil, get a clue

Dave and I were channel surfing last night. We caught a few minutes of Dr. Phil and frankly, stared in horrified fascination. There was a mom and son who were trying to solve some problems in their relationship under the dubious guidance of Dr. Phil. He asked them each to apologize to the other on camera. After the mom's apology, the son launches into his, and among other things he apologizes for "causing your depression." I fully expected Dr. Phil to jump in and tell the boy that he couldn't be the cause of his mother's depression and explain that depression doesn't work like that. But no, didn't happen, Dr. Phil didn't say a word. So this boy will go on feeling responsible for his mother's depression and probably every other emotional state she experiences.

Will someone please stop this hack from practicing medicine on TV? One would think after his behavior with Britney Spears and breach of confidentiality he would lose his show.
Tags: depression

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