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My forum members, knowing I used to love to sing, challenged me to post some of the songs from the Hare Krishna days. We all loved the music and are somewhat nostalgic for it--even if we might disagree with parts of the philosophy.

I warned them that following my hysterectomy, my vocal cords are damaged by the breathing tube--probably when they removed it, because that hurt in a way that it didn't hurt after my heart surgery. Much of my range is too rough to even sing, and I can't sustain some notes. But I bowed to pressure and so here are a couple of very short bits of Hare Krishna music sung a cappella. I stayed in the safest part of my range.

Tulasi Arati

I still have a fondness for Tulasi Devi, and now think of her as a Goddess. She appears in the form of a plant in the basil family. Here are some Tulasis:

The following is a little verse that we sang before we ate, and I enjoyed singing it with my children when they were little. I would disagree with the translation now so I won't trouble you with it, other than the beginning, "This body is a place of ignorance and the senses are a network of paths leading to death." It goes on to say how kind Krsna is for allowing us to spiritualize our food by offering it to Him so our body can be purified--sort of like transubstantiation in the Catholic faith. But the tune is kind of whimsical and I still enjoy it.

Prasada Sevaya
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