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My Vedic Chart...and Self Fulfilling Prophecies

My Vedic Chart

When I was 19, a close friend of my husband and I was learning Vedic or Hindu Astrology and did my chart and the chart of my newborn son, Lakshmana. A few months later another friend also did an interpretation of my chart and also gave me a list of astrological periods that I would go through--major and sub-periods governed by the planets.

I was told a lot of things about myself and my future. I was told that having Moon in Cancer in the 9th house, the house governing religion, was auspicious and one of the top 4 best placements of the Moon. I was told this is what gave me my inclination to seek a relationship with God. Further, I was told that having Jupiter in Libra in the 12th house, governing my death and next life is also auspicious and that I will "go upwards at the time of death." (I've since vowed to come back here so that's a non-issue.)

I was also informed that I would be poor all my life--the exact words were "with two malefics in the 2nd house of wealth, and Jupiter in the 12th house of loss, you cannot expect a powerful financial situation at any time in life." I took this to heart, coming from a poverty background and being in poverty at the time I received this information--so I resigned myself to poverty. This is where the notion of self-fulfilling prophecy comes in. When it came to money, especially once I became a single mom, I felt doomed to live in poverty and I didn't question that for several years--not until I began to question my whole belief-system, in fact. This pronouncement by my astrologer friend(s) plus the doctrine that there is no happiness in the material world cemented my pessimism about my prospects.

Astrology is an interesting phenomenon. It is very attractive to think that our destiny is writ large in the stars, and that we can get a guide map for our lives. Certainly it seems comforting to have some idea of what's up ahead rather than just set off into the great unknown future. Sometimes it seems that astrology does work--but is that coincidence, is astrology influencing how we choose to see and interpret events or is there some substance to it? My charts, done at that young age, didn't seem to indicate any of the major events of my life. My heart disease revealed itself during the most beneficial major period of my entire life--the Moon major period. The Moon was one of my best situated planets and all good things were to happen during this period. Somehow open heart surgery followed by a heart attack wasn't really in the cards, at least according to my chart.

Nor did astrology predict the severe brain injury of my son, Lakshmana. One would think that there would be a foreshadowing in either my chart or his. Not a word of any danger or illness was mentioned at that time in the charts done by two different astrologers. Oops!

Another aspect of my chart that both astrologers highlighted was the presence of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius in my house of speech. (The second house signifies multiple things, it is said that psychologically it affects "speech, sincerity and how we express verbally.") I was told that Saturn would cause me to be harsh or blunt by telling the truth even if it is unwanted. I was warned to work on this. (In fact I did because I could see that growing up in an emotionally and verbally abusive environment I had learned some bad habits and I had to change how I spoke for my children's sake.) I was also told that having Mars in Aries would make me very strong and that people might miss my more nurturing side (Venus in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer). While I still am inclined to despise hypocrisy and to speak truth, especially to those in power or those truths that people would prefer to ignore, I do try to be more conscious of how I do so.

The question is, were these things there to be revealed by astrology--or, having been told about these things at an early age,  did that strongly influence how I myself saw my personality? One of the critiques of astrology is that the personality traits described are something we all have to one degree or another, so we nod our heads and say,"Yes, that's right, I do speak harshly sometimes!"

I presently think that astrology is useful only in that it causes us to engage in self reflection and examine our goals and relationships. But if we ignore the reality in front of us because our chart says X, or if we assume we are doomed to poverty because it's in the stars, then astrology is a negative and limiting force in our lives. I would suggest taking it with a very large grain of salt and realizing that what we think about ourselves and our possibilities has a very real affect on whether we can manifest those possibilities. If you don't believe you can make a decent living and provide for yourself or your children, if you think there is no happiness to be found, and if you think that you are doomed to a loveless life, all because your chart told you so--then it's time to throw out the chart and decide for yourself what you can do and what you can have.


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