Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Can The Cowboy and The Farmer Be Friends?

For three years I've tried to have former devotees of Krsna and current devotees of Krsna co-existing on the same forum, Gaudiya Repercussions. A handful of non-traditional devotees, those who've revised their beliefs or practices a bit and tried to keep the best parts of the philosophy and the joyful chanting and dancing (not to mention feasting), were able to be content there because by and large what we criticize are the parts they jettisoned.

Then there are the purists, who left ISKCON only because of its corruption and have never stopped believing in their guru and scriptures literally, 100%. They are not so happy there but they seem drawn just as surely as any masochist to the whip. Periodically they complain about our complaining, argue that our forum name shouldn't contain the word "Gaudiya" and our topics might give a newbie the wrong idea if they should stumble across our forum. (If you type Gaudiya into Google we come up near the bottom of the first page.)

Well, we're not changing our name. And any name we chose would necessarily reference our common theme, that of being former devotees of Krsna, or Gaudiya Vaishnavas as they say in India. Former Krsnas, Ex Hare Krishnas, Krishnas who left...I can't think of anything that wouldn't come up in their searches anyway.

We finally decided to expel the purists. I've given them two weeks to complete their business, PM their friends, copy their blog and gallery pics, and leave.

This was spurred by my attempt to revive my friendship with Swarup, his numerous complaints about the forum and the damage it does, how offensive it is, and so on. He kept saying we shouldn't mix current and former devotees...almost like he was begging to be cut off from his masochistic practice of reading that which he found so offensive. So I have.

I guess the moral is that some cowboys and some farmers can be friends--if they respect each other's choice of occupation and keep good boundaries. But if one or the other is convinced they have the best and even the only decent profession, there's bound to be trouble. And let's not get into ex-cowboys turned farmers trying to get along with cowboys. That's just way too messy.
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